A Little September Update

It’s the third week of our journey into seminary.

Aaron and I have been enjoying cooler morning accompanied by the first yellows and oranges of fall and a lovely fog that reminds me of a fairy tale story. Thank God we live in the northeast for seasons like autumn! We’ve biked around our little town and set out to go the fair soon.

The Lord has answered our prayers in so many ways this month. Aaron scored an amazing job near our church, where I continue to work at the creative and administrative director. We’ve also gained some wonderful new friends from around globe and continue to meet such cool people in classes and in our community on campus. Tuition is also paid for in full this semester thanks to the Partnership Program! (Your contributions and prayers have made the difference!) And last but not least, we’ve seen some significant movement with Aaron’s military proceedings.

I keep myself fairly busy with four classes (Old Testament Survey, Ethnic Identities & Reconciliation, Theology Survey I, and Evangelical Theology & World Religions), work, and spending time with Aaron and other friends. Aaron has been enjoying reading for leisure, working through his formation process, and has been gracious to do all the dishes.

This semester is off to a solid start with plenty to be grateful for. (Especially since I just caved and bought some of those Christmas-scented pinecones.) I won’t lie and say everything has been perfect, because quite honestly, it hasn’t and I’ve had a meltdown or two since starting school. So far in my life I’ve known myself to be an excellent student, an excellent single student. As a married student in graduate school full-time and working, I’m adjusting my expectations for myself and working on letting things go. It’s different, but these are some of the best days of our lives and we are doing our best to take advantage of all that’s in front of us at the moment.

We sincerely appreciate your prayers. Please continue keep us in mind these next few months. If you did not receive a September newsletter in your snail mail and you’d like one, please let me know. I would be delighted to send it to you.



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