Home for Christmas

December has come and Aaron’s due home soon. (Cue all the happy tears!)

I am extremely blessed to have only needed to wait a few weeks to have Aaron home again. Some families wait months. I’ll soon join that club after Christmas break when Aaron finishes BCT next year and heads to job training until mid summer.

His letters tell me he’s doing well, but inevitably it’s hard and he misses home. He’s made a couple of friends and has had the chance to impart wisdom to some of the younger soldiers in training, namely after a couple of platoon mates gave him a wet willy. (Uh, gross.) He’s gotten lots of questions about being married and his faith in Christ. Both of which he is proud to tell anyone about. From the few photos I’ve seen he looks good – slimmer, focused, and especially handsome in all that gear. I can tell he’s becoming more confident and growing in every area.

I’m excited to have him home during the holiday break. My parents visited me last week and helped me prepare both our home and freezer for Aaron’s return. I’ve planned lots of surprises for him at home, some practical like new furniture and household appliances (exciting, huh?), and some fun like this year’s Christmas dinner menu and an actual Christmas tree! Other than that, I’m leaving our plans up to him. I can guess he’ll want to go see a movie and eat a bowl of pho. Let’s see if I’m right.

I’ve gone so far as to create a paper chain countdown. Everyday it gets shorter and my ability to sit still also decreases. That being said, finals week is off to an interesting start. One essay and exam stand in my way and I’m completely finished with this semester.

All that to say Aaron will be home soon and it’s all I can think about! A big thank you to those of you who have messaged or texted me to check in and offer encouragement. I’m so grateful for your kind words and love.

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