Living Lighter

4 nor’easters later, March has come to an end.

Spring is in the air and I’ve begun to purge my life of all things unused. Including the four inches of length that left my head of hair this afternoon! It’s brought much to my mind. Have you heard of living with zero waste? Essentially, it’s shaping your life in such a way where you produce minimal trash. I first heard of this movement last year when I saw this video. It seemed extreme at first, but the more I thought about it, the more attainable it became.

Reuse, reduce, recycle is not new to me, but it was reemphasized in this video and again in other articles and videos I watched of others’ experiences. This coincided with a Christian ethics course that has me especially motivated this semester. From packaging, food scraps, and other waste – I produce so much trash!

I wouldn’t call zero-waste living minimalism, although I suppose it could be. Reducing the trash in my life provides an opportunity for sustainable living! As with most anything, to begin one must start with small steps: refuse your plastic straw, being mindful of paper resources, choose second hand first then shop ethically for new clothing, exchanging a ziplock for a reusable dish or bag, bringing your own grocery bags to the store, and exchanging plastic for glass where applicable.

The products you purchase and use, for the bathroom to the hall closet, impact more than just your individual home. In a cultural obsessed with instant gratification and fast fashion, it’s important that we not only steward our financial resources well, but also all our natural, earthly ones too. “Sustainability” isn’t meant for only a certain audience or “green” group – it’s meant to include and benefit all who call Earth home.

Shop small or local and buy in bulk if possible. Online selection has expanded in recent years making it easier and more affordable for us to find sustainable products (toothbrushes, lunch boxes, produce bags, etc.) on sites like Grove or ThriveMarket.

A few helpful articles/products:

A Guide to Zero-Waste Living

25 Wasteful Things You Can Probably Get Along Without

10 Tips to Eliminating Plastics From Your Everyday Life

Also, I’ve pinned more helpful hacks on my “creation care” Pinterest board here.

Do you have favorite resources for zero-waste living or waste-reducing products? Good/bad experiences? I want to hear it all.

On a final note, a week or two ago I posted a week’s worth of seminary life on my Instagram stories. I’ve saved it all on my highlights so you can still take a peek at my everyday. It got me a bit out of my comfort zone (always a good idea), but I loved sharing my days with you friends! Perhaps I’ll do it again a different week.

Thanks for tuning in again to this funny little life called mine!

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