Almost a Memory

The month of May marks the end of my first year in seminary.

The stories following the turn of my undergraduate tassel took me to corners of life I didn’t see for myself, especially seminary, not to mention the Atlantic coast. Military life, although somewhat expected, has asked the most of me of all these things. As someone who is ambitious, I predicted the extra independence of Aaron’s absence would be kind to my studies. Yet, I (almost literally) crawled across the finish line this month with blood, sweat, tears. But mostly tears.

I underestimated the toll our separation would have on not just my studies, but also my appetite and emotions. If I told you this has been hard, many of you still wouldn’t truly understand what I meant. I know pre-Army Liz wouldn’t have understood. It would be even harder still if this was a deployment, so I’m grateful we haven’t reached that yet.

So here I am on the edge of my seat waiting for Aaron to return home after seven months. I’ve been heartsick each second we’ve been apart and these remaining weeks and days seem much longer than the months prior. I’m looking forward to being in his arms and remembering this season as a memory.

Growing up I watched my dad go out of his way to thank members of the military and veterans for their service. Those memories are even more significant to me as our time in the Army continues to unfold. If you happen to know or notice a military spouse or a solider/airman/sailor/marine/guardsman, take a second to thank them.

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