My name is Elizabeth and I’m an only child, friend, and military wife. I was born and raised in southern Alaska. I loved every second of my childhood there with all the distinct experiences of such a beautiful and raw state.

Since graduating from Oral Roberts University with a bachelors degree in social justice, I got married and moved to Massachusetts where I just recently finished my masters in social ethics and spiritual formation from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

On the weekends you’ll probably find Aaron and I taking walks in the woods or on the beach, reading a book, or at Trader Joe’s sample counter.

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photo: Ali Bolsinger

Spiritual Exploration

I like to write about my faith, which shapes just about everything I do or buy from my cleaning products to my clothes to my career. Since finding a home in the episcopal tradition, my faith has taken a few twists and turns. From a non-denominational, charismatic community, to investigating the Mormon church, and the Anglican Church of North America — I’ve been somewhat theologically adventurous, as some might say.

Without a doubt I still have questions and I’m still exploring, as you’ll soon discover here. Yet there are certain things I’ve held to very strongly, such as the beliefs outlined in the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds.

I’m grateful you’re here. My door is always open, so I hope you’ll introduce yourself soon! I pray this is a place for you to rest, to catch your breath as we live together this side of heaven.