The Proposal

I have a handsome, charming, and loving fiancé! Unlike the movie with Sandra Bullock, this entire relationship, including the engagement was no surprise to our close friends and family. Aaron and I have been best friends for over three years. Our story has not necessarily been smooth sailing, but we recognize how the Lord has shown us so much grace through it all.

Aaron and I met when we were 17. Although we are from opposite sides of the country, we were headed to the same university and quickly became friends. He was a brother I could count on for anything. Over the years we remained good friends even when he transferred to a different school and as we dated other people.

Three years is a long time. We were not strangers to difficulty. I know we were challenged in different ways through school, travels, and relationships. Individually, we walked through some wonderful stories we will cherish forever and learned some lessons that have shaped us for the better.

Our story is one I would not give up for the world. The Lord has shown himself sovereign, gracious, and faithful.

As much as Aaron did his best to keep the proposal a surprise, I started to gather hints a week before. He worked with my best friends, parents, and my Pinterest to form a wonderful evening. The night before he proposed I looked in my closet curious what to wear, ironed two dresses, and wondered where he might pop the question.


Aaron had expressed his love for me earlier this year, sometime in February. I did not give him my response for about a month and a half in order to pray and consider what he had said. I told him, “I won’t play games with you. Either you’re all in, or we will remain friends.” Since that time, God has blessed us immensely as our communities have supported us with integrity and held us accountable to His Word.

The big day arrived and I spent the cloudy afternoon with my best friends of six years, Kati and Kelsie. We got our nails done, made dinner, and of course, cried and laughed together as we caught up. After dinner, I started to get nervous. We put some make up on and dressed up so we could go to the beach “to take pictures”. They knew that I knew, but played the part very well.


The beach is a favorite of mine. I flew out to Boston a month and a half after Aaron’s sweet confession. We spent that long weekend walking up and down beach after beach, as I finally told him how I felt in return: “Of course I love you!”. That weekend carries some fond memories as we began to fall in love. We love the beach.

Once the girls and I arrived (the rain kept to a gentle sprinkle, thank God!), they walked with me towards the bridge Aaron eventually met me on. He stood there with beautiful bright pink roses, surrounded by garlands and lanterns. Honestly, I barely remember what he said, but he got down on one knee and asked a very simple question, “Will you marry me?”.

Happily, I nodded yes and now we’re engaged! Sure, we’ve only dated three months or so, but this decision has a strong foundation of prayer and surrender to the Lord. We are filled with an unshakable peace. We are thrilled to begin a new chapter of our lives together. Our plans (YWAM and Air Force training) are still in place, as we are looking to tie the knot next summer in Washington D.C.



We have been SO overwhelmed by the wonderful support and love we’ve received through social media, texts, phone calls, and hugs! We would absolutely love to hear from any of YOU, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.