Beginning Again

October has kept us on the edge of our seats. (Trying not to use the “busy” excuse?)

As of this month, Aaron has enlisted in the United States Army National Guard. He’ll be leaving for bootcamp on November 13th. He’ll be training in South Carolina and Georgia until early June 2018. Fortunately, he’ll get to come home for Christmas! After this chunk of training his commitment is only a weekend a month on base, as it’s the National Guard. This will allow him, by God’s grace, to continue his education to eventually go active duty as a chaplain in the future.

If you’ve kept track, this is the second time Aaron has enlisted in the National Guard and tried to go to bootcamp. The first time, this time last year, his request was denied. He needed to be home. The Lord knew that well. Isn’t funny how He uses (seemingly) bad news to help us? That season of our lives was full of blessings in disguise. What we at one point considered dead and gone, the Lord was not finished with!

I will stay behind in Massachusetts and continue to work and go to class. I’m not excited to say goodbye, but I’m so happy to watch Aaron pursue one of his biggest dreams. (Also, I was sad to see the beard go, but isn’t he handsome!?)

image1 (1)
I wasn’t able to go with him to see him swear in, but his recruiter was gracious and took some pictures.

I would have liked to show you a little timeline of photos. But I haven’t yet scanned all the pictures taken over the years of Aaron in various military uniforms. (Yes, we are major fans of disposable film cameras.) Even in college Aaron would graciously allow me to support him. Whether it was taking me to the Air Force ROTC Dining Out in 2013 or sending me letters with pictures of a new uniform – we’ve come a long way. I’m very proud of him.

All that to say, we are savoring these last couple of weeks of “normal”. The next six to eight months will be new and undoubtedly challenging, but life goes on and we’ll adjust. It’s looking like he’ll be in tech school near Savannah, Georgia – so if you have any suggestions as to what to see and eat, let me know! I’m going to try to visit.

We are so thankful for your prayers. God keeps proving Himself faithful and powerful. As I’ve said recently (and will continue to say!) – these are truly the best days.